Results 1 – 19 of 19 Angiolo Mazzoni Del Grande and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Angiolo Mazzoni thinks, designs and manufactures among the most intelligent architectures that fascist regime has never given birth. Ferrara – Palazzo delle Poste – Arch. Angiolo Mazzoni. Pitture di Giannino Lambertini. La scultura di San Giorgio oltre i bassorilievi sul soffitto e nelle.

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The day after the fall of the regime the cleansing process that hit the major state offices has meant that some major figures, considered inconvenient only by those who came to power, suddenly disappeared without a trace. The Baths of Diocletian Umberto Boccioni: Politically astute, Mazzoni also joined the National Fascist Party in He will direct the office untiloverseeing the design of numerous railway stations and among the most interesting post offices.

The station was built in a modern and futurist style, it attracts the attention due to inventive use of materials such as steel, glass, and several varieties of local stone [ 3 ]. In the front of the station, many enormous doors were created which would lead the passengers to the platforms. Wide wood-frame doors open on the entire facade.

File:Angiolo mazzoni, palazzo delle poste, palermo 1928-1934 (3661979013).jpg

Other important buildings by Mazzoni were crudely altered or demolished in the post-war period. Basilica of Saint Clement Early Christianity. Honours College Rome Summerschool. The Etchings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. One of his ideas was to move the front of the station whereby the Mura Serviane see picture right would be visible again.

Salvatore Bianchi Period 2: Stylistically eclectic, Mazzoni joined in to the so-called “second phase” of the Italian artistic movement Futurismsigning in the Manifesto of Aerial Architecture with F. Retrieved from ” https: In his design, it is possible to see how the station would have look liked when the construction would have continued see pictures above and right. The two designs have also some similarities. Why was his design accepted by several powerful persons, but disapproved by his own ministry?


Notare il colore originale “azzurro-sabaudo”. He returned to Italy only in and settled in Rome, where he devoted himself to the reconstruction of his personal library now in the MART in Rovereto. Mazzoni’s design of the new Stazione Termini [ 10 ] Side, front and back view of Mazzoni’s Stazione Termini[ 11 ] The main function of this new Stazione Termini would have been to transport passengers.

Rinasce il Palazzo delle Poste di Angiolo Mazzoni a Sabaudia – Provincia di Latina

The Third Rome Nazzoni scultura di San Giorgio oltre i bassorilievi sul soffitto e nelle sopraporte sono dello scultore Napoleone Martinuzzi. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele di Agrigento. In Mazzoni practiced for about a year under Marcello Piacentini. A part of the new station was already finished: Nowadays, some parts of the wall are still visible at various locations in Rome.

The style of this design can be described as a combination of futurism and fascism. Ostia – Palazzo delle Poste – Arch. Messina – Stazione marittima – Arch. Ostia – Palazzo delle Poste – In this design, less glass and more marble was used and the open atrium had an imperial character.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Angiolo Mazzoni Change this. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Angiolo Mazzoni. Siena – Stazione ferroviaria – Arch.

Date 26 June Mazzoni was born in Bolognawas moved to Rome in with his parents, but returned to the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna for his education. Stazione Termini Period 1: The main hall of Trento railway station was decorated with large mosaics depicting the life of the people, and the natural beauties of the mountainous region around Trento.


La Spezia – Palazzo delle Poste – Change this Rome, Italy bornBologna. These styles have developed after each other and have influenced each other. Italy still contains hundreds of his large and small railway and telecommunications buildings, extant and functioning, a tribute to his mastery of robust, hard-working construction. Mzzoni, the object refers to antiquity.

The Fall of Simon Magus. Trento-resti portale Palazzo a Prato. The old Stazione Termini was demolished and the construction of xngiolo new Stazione Termini started in The new station would have been an impressive, massive building mazzzoni straight lines and rectangular shapes but without special details or ornaments. Messina – Stazione marittima – Thirdly, the object has no ornaments. The new Termini station had to lead as a gateway to Mussolini’s new imperial Rome, but Mazzoni’s first design was too modern, it was inappropriate for the historical setting and it was insufficiently fascist.

Important decisions about the distribution of several commissions were made by the government. Spacious waiting space is provided under cover or indoor. In he was hired in the railway, at first in the Special Section of Milan works, then at work Division of Bologna and finally, in March moved to Rome, to the work and construction service, of the General Directorate of Railway. Middle Ages The Colosseum: Secondly, the object is functional.